Welcome to You have chosen one of the most powerful facilitator systems for the aeronautics, aviation and aerospace communities. At Todaypilot, members will be only limited by their opportunities, visions, creativeness, resources and imaginations. Designed by pilots, aviation enthusiasts and information professionals. That is why, our mission is to provide endless opportunities to members with the objective of them achieving their missions with the right resources.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Marketplace for registered members to offer their trade and services to other members and businesses of the aeronautics, aviation and aerospace communities or to the public.

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  • Jobs


    Jobs openings and advertisement listings by companies and businesses seeking talents in their locale for the aeronautics, aviation, and aerospace communities.

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  • Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing is available to registered members for one-on-one interaction and learning, professional service rendering, group training, or lecturing.

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  • Authoring


    Functionality and tools to write articles of interest, opinions, and individual organizational and personal blogging for their community, such as medical, mechanical, training, flying, approaches, airports, technology, and avionics...

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  • Income Opportunity

    Income Opportunity

    A marketplace and tools for registered members engaged in freelance, training, services, contracting, and more categories to offer their services and products.

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  • Forums


    There are over 70 forums for registered members and their groups to exchange ideas, present, and obtain responses to their questions from other members and their communities.

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  •  Maps


    A unique design of geolocation maps for airports around the world with references, links, and approach plates, Medical Examiners, Flying Clubs, dealers locations and Links to FAA charts and maps...

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  • Community


    Designed for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, medical examiners, flying instructors, mechanics, flying clubs, military flying groups, aviation dealers, FAA designees, businesses, employers, airports...

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    Todaypilot Features

    Todaypilot's features were created to facilitate, collaborate, combine opportunity, achievement, vision and resources for the members of the aeronautics, aviation, and aerospace communities.


    A catalyst to producing an outcome that is limited by individual members vision, knowledge and resourcefulness.


    Provides functionality and resources of a unique kind to its members to collaborate among each other.


    Opportunity for registered members to utilize their knowledge and experience in expanding their communities


    Designed but not limited to the members of the aeronautics, aviation, and aerospace communities.


    Members are in full control of which information is shared to others members and the public.